Heavenly Blue

Of all the plants I grew for my Magickal Plants photo project, Ipomoea tricolour, or Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue), was by far the most beautiful. And unlike many of the plants I grew for that project, the seeds for this gorgeous beauty are still readily available from most seed stockists. Even supermarkets carry the seeds in their garden sections each Spring:

Morning Glory seed pods
Because the seeds for Morning Glory contain the psychedelic tryptamine Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA), most readily available seed stock in the UK for this plant have been coated with a vomit-inducing fungicide and other chemicals to dissuade buyers from ingesting them.

Morning Glory Leaves
The flowers of Morning Glory are stunning in their beauty and get their name from the fact that they open in the first light of morning. Their splendour is very transitory, however, as the blossoms fade and die incredibly quickly. Mostly, I got to see their blooms for a few seconds as I left the house for work for each morning, and by the time I got home again in the evening they had shrivelled away to a crisp. Still, their flowers last forever in photographs :)