Salvia divinorum - More pics

This is such an ordinary looking plant. But what it perhaps lacks in physical beauty, the plant certainly more than makes up for in shamanic intrigue. For Salvia divinorum is one of the most sacred plants on our planet. 

Salvia divinorum

I grew this species of plant a few of years back, for a photographic project on magical plants I was working on at that time. Salvia divinorum was made illegal in U.K. not long after these photographs were taken, so I was lucky that I got this short window of opportunity to be able to grow these plants and photograph them before they were outlawed.

Young Salvia divinorum plant

Salvia divinorum was not the easiest plant to grow as it was as sensitive as hell to environmental change. Just moving the plant from one windowsill to another, or opening a window near to it, was enough to tip it over the edge and send its leaves all crisp and brown and curled over and dead-looking. Due to its sensitivity, I ended up growing the plant in a large bottle garden, where the moist environment replicated the climate in which Salvia divinorum grows in its native home in the Oaxica Cloud Forest. This was the easiest way I found to grow the mysterious plant in a decent looking condition and with minimum fuss.

Salvia divinorum grown in a bottle garden

I have always been fascinated with the idea of plants that possess mind-altering properties - that can pull the scales of mundanity from your eyes and show you a magickal world that is ordinarily hidden from your view. Indeed, such plants form the central theme of my first two novels, Edn™ ~ a trippy tale of alien horticulture and Crawley, an adult faery tale. If you are interested in the effects on your consciousness this plant is capable of delivering (and you surely must be to be reading this, right?), then I thoroughly recommend browsing through this section on Salvia in Erowid.

Salvia divinorum

 You can read more about this most curious of plants here. Happy reading :)

Salvia divinorum