Of all the plants I grew for my Magickal Plants project, Tulsi was the most difficult to grow. Despite sowing the Tuslsi seeds in early Spring, and the fact that they germinated very quickly, they were also the slowest growing plants I have ever tried to raise from seed. GA3 growth hormone, this is the stage they were still at after 3 months of growth:
Slow Growing Tulsi Seedlings
Incidentally, if you take a look at the pic of my Tulsi seedlings again, you will notice that some of the leaves are a purplish colour. This marks these plants out as the Krishna variety of the plant :o) 

I also lost a lot of Tulsi seedlings as I only needed to miss one morning's watering for a few of them to shrivel up and die :o( Nevertheless, I continued with them, daunted but equally determined to make a success of growing what has to be considered one of the world's most sacred and respected plants. After five months of growth, I only had one seedling left and this was only about one centimetre high. Things were not looking good. Thankfully the remaining plant picked up strength after about six months of growth:

A Krishna Strain Tulsi Leaf Turning its Characteristing Purple Hue

Finally, after 8 months, I was able to get my one and only decent photograph of Tulsi for my project. Whilst it may not be an amazing shot, after all the difficulties I found raising the plant, I am just grateful that I managed to get it.

A Gloriously Hued Tulsi Leaf