2020/2021 Writing Schedule

My next novel is set to be a portmanteau series of stand-alone, yet interlinked, Christmas ghost stories.

I have given myself a bit more breathing space with this project so that I can devote a little more time to some of my non-literary projects, which I have been forced to neglect of late due to my tight writing deadlines.

The book itself will feature four ghost stories. The first story in this series has already been plotted and I have made a very tentative start in its writing. I hope to finish this first story by the end of June 2020 and will try to get it published as a stand-alone entity whilst I continue with the next short story in the series. 

I want the second story completed by this time next year and the third tale completed by the end of June 2021. Again, I hope to get these stories published independently of one another as I continue to work on the novel as a whole.

Planning out the writing schedule for my next book
My intention is to have the first three ghost stories interlinked in a way that does not interfere with the independence of each tale. But as the reader explores the next tale in the book, they will learn something more about the preceding tale, glimpse some extra nugget of information that adds to the earlier story and impacts upon both the current and tale(s) that are to follow.

The fourth and final story will be the only tale in the book that will not be a stand-alone title. It will knit the prior three stories together as a complete entity and will act as an additional denouement to each of the tales told before it. The setting and rough outline of this fourth ghost story is already starting to form in my mind, even though I do not envision writing this closing segment of the book until the latter part of 2021!

The plotting device of this new book is more complicated than my earlier works, although I did use a stories-within-a-story plotting technique in my third novel, Lore. This next book, however, is going to be a bit of a more complex beast to pull together.

Please, wish me luck...