Folklore, folk-horror and meandering photography...

Lose yourself in a world of dark, ancient forests, faerie changelings, psychoactive alien plants, mermen, selkies, phantom sailors, witches, devil-worshippers, werewolves and more in these unique and extraordinary tales of folk horror... Click on image to purchase title direct from Amazon:

Explore the old faery folklore of the Gower Peninsular with this 42 page meticulously researched guide. Replete with colour photographs of the landscapes they were believed to haunt. Click on image to purchase title direct from Amazon:

Sweyne’s Eye is a photography zine devoted to the visual exploration of the City and Council of Swansea. The venture manifests as two entities - as a series of focussed projects and as a meandering chronological diary of images, featuring the scenes that caught my eye as I navigated the city during my day-to-day life. In keeping with the spirit of zine printing, I have kept the price of each issue of Sweyne's Eye as low as Amazon allowed. :)

Writing in the Garden :)

The weather finally allowed me to write out in the garden this afternoon. And it was glorious :)

Sweyne's Eye ~ 2016 (Part Two)

Sweyne's Eye ~ 2016 (Part One)

My employer has sent everyone with medical issues home until further notice. I have decided to keep my mind occupied by making an early start on the next issue of my Sweyne's Eye zine.

Taking My Mind Off Things...

Taking my mind off things by engrossing myself in the creation of fiction:

A Moment of Peace

A sunbeam near our new living-room picture:


Some disquieting fiction to take my mind off darker realities:

Seems Strange...

It seems strange writing a Christmas ghost story in the sunshine: