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The Caracal is Devoping

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Getting very close on my Lego caracal now...

I Will Miss the Sunrises and Rainbows

 Monday, 27 November, 2023

My team in work are being relocated to a new floor in the New Year. I am gonna miss the views from my current location, and not just the spectacular sunrises. This rainbow lingered for almost half an hour, and grew in intensity with each passing minute.

Lego Swamp

Sunday, 26 November, 2023

I think this Lego diorama is ready to be photographed for the cover shot. I need to work on the positioning, backdrop and lighting now, and I might change the marsh grass....


Guy N Smith Caracal

Saturday, 25 November 2023 

Having a reading and cuddling this mad cat day.

Lego - The Dark One

Friday, November 24, 2023

Building a Lego scene from Guy N Smith's The Dark One novel...

who's that in the bottom right of the pic lol?

I WILL Get a Decent Lego Likeness

Thursday, 23 November, 2023

I WILL get a decent likeness in the end, I promise 🤣

Grim Lego

Wednesday, 22 November, 2023

Seems more grim making a horror Lego set than actually writing horror novels. Anyway, here is the start of my first Guy N Smith lego diorama. It's gonna be a graveyard set, sharing scenes from the author's books Nightspawn and The Dark One. There is also a nod to Bats out of Hell. I will probably change the Sylvia Kline gravedigger minifigure for a better one. I'm waiting on some Lego base plates and graves before I can continue with this model... #GuyNSmith #Lego


Monday, 20 November, 2023

Well, this took my longer than I thought it would. Spent my entire evening playing Lego lol. 

Guy N Smith - Caracal

 Sunday, 19 November 2023

Starting my 20th and last GNS book of 2023. It's been a long and entertaining journey. Thanks to the lovely people on the Guy N Smith Appreciation FB Group, including Guy's wonderful family, for making the reads a hell of a lot richer, and helping me get hold of some of his very rare books. Chuffed I kept to my New Year's resolution to devote my reading year to Guy ☺️