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Hi there. Just a quick advert to try and persuade you to help keep my bones warm this winter by purchasing one of the books listed below . To find my blog/scrapbook/visual diary, please scroll past the following promotional post...

Lose yourself in a world of
  • dark, ancient forests, witches and faerie changelings ~ Crawley
  • mind-bending alien plants ~ Edn™
  • mermen, selkies, phantom sailors ~ Lore
  • devil-worshippers, piskies and a zombie cat ~ Pixie-Led
  • werewolves and vikings ~ Berserk!
  • a dryad takes on a man with an axe, hippie student thrill-seekers, murderous vegan turkey-lovers and more ~ Solstice

Extraordinary tales of folk horror by Chris Elphick:

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Solstice Stories - 

Three short festive folk horror stories - strange taster tales from the portmanteau novel, Solstice.

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Local Folk-Horror Guides -

Explore the old faery folklore and ghost stories of the Gower Peninsular with these meticulously researched guides. Replete with colour photographs of the landscapes that gave birth to the old haunts of Gower's faeries and ghosts.
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Thanks for taking a look through the above. If any of it took your fancy and you'd like to explore more of my work, please scroll on :).


Chris Elphick's Creativity Scrapbook

a Sunday morning visitor

January 23, 2022

Writing by candlelight tonight

January 17, 2022

 I've been suffering from a second bout of the dreaded covids this past week. Whilst my current state of health was certainly not helped with this further attack upon it defences, the isolation forced upon me by this virus has allowed time for both physical and mental rest. And today, my convalescence finally brought my old muse back to life. 

Pyewacket turned out to be the writing project interesting enough to draw my pen back to the page, even though I know I had been neglecting my portmanteau novel, Solstice, for too long. But, for the time being, my health has to take priority over my creative projects and I am not going to force my writing direction. And although Pyewacket is a much later project, with a more distanced deadline, at the moment I am not going to force my hand. Right now, tonight, I am just happy to have found myself finally writing something again... :)

Looking forward to Summer

January 15, 2022 

Me and The Soosh Gardening

January 02, 2022