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Lose yourself in a world of dark, ancient forests, faerie changelings, psychoactive alien plants, mermen, selkies, phantom sailors, witches, devil-worshippers, werewolves, dryads, hippie psychonauts  and more in these unique and extraordinary tales of folk horror by Chris Elphick... 

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Solstice Stories - four festive tales of folk horror. Parts 1 & 2 available now. Click on the image to purchase the selected title direct from Amazon:



Explore the old faery folklore and ghost stories of the Gower Peninsular with these meticulously researched guides. Replete with colour photographs of the landscapes that gave birth to the old haunts of Gower's faeries and ghost. Click on the image to purchase the selected title direct from Amazon:





Chris Elphick working on the folk-horror novella, Lore
 Pic taken during a holiday stay on the Isle of Skye



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More Swansea Sunsets 4 - 7

 A few more episode to whet your appetite for the next issue of Sweyne's Eye :)

Swansea Sunsets 3

I love the effect the rain gives off in this photograph of a sun-shower over Townhill Park, Swansea. This image will 100% appear in the latest issue of my fotozine Sweyne's Eye:


Cat behind net curtain


Cat and Bird

This scene stopped me at my bedroom window this morning. Old Tom O'Malley...


Passenger Seat is published!

 My new fotozine Passenger Seat is now available for purchase :) Click image below to be taken to Amazon page: