A quick pic of the old Battersea Power Station building as it is being transformed into apartments. Captured on-the-fly as we drove past on our way home from our holiday weekend in London:

Berserk! Starting Chapter Six. Final Draft.

The Thames ~ Old and New

I had a bit of a wander along the edge of the Thames this afternoon and happened upon these lovely wooden structures erupting from the shingle and mud. I particularly liked the contract of this decaying old building with the modern high-rise blocks on the other side of the river at Canary Wharf:

Berserk! Completing Chapter 5. Final Draft.

Berserk! Draft 3. Chapter 5.

Commencing work on the the final draft of Chapter Five...

Off on a weekend break...

Leaving rainy old Wales for the weekend. And as we cross the Severn Bridge, lo and behold, out comes the sunshine :)

Halloween 2019 Theme ~ Pop Funko #9

Finally found a spare ten minutes to take another photograph for my Halloween 2019 Pop Funko series. Tonight featuring the magickal faun from the Del Toro's classic Pan's Labyrinth:

Gower ~ Fading Light #13

Passing through Penclawdd after visiting my brother on his birthday, I stopped of at a couple of the village car parks, which are located along the edge of marsh there, to take some photographs of the setting sun. I think they might well be good candidates for my upcoming Gower ~ Fading Light photobook :)

The Sounds of Hakin

I really really enjoyed my weekend holiday in the old fisherman's cottage in Hakin and have harvested some truly lovely memories from the few days I spent there. Perhaps my most haunting memory of the location though was the sounds of the sea, the coastal bird-life and the distant mechanical hum of Milford Haven port that permeated the house and which I was lucky enough to record for posterity here :)  As usual, this was recorded in stereo on my Tascam DR40 field recorder and is best listened to with a good pair of headphones :)

Berserk! Chapter Four. Draft 3.

Woke early to make the most of my last few hours in our weekend holiday retreat and used the time to start the third draft of Chapter 4 of Berserk!