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A Field in Suffolk

This is probably the most picturesque field I have ever had the village to walk past:

Please click the video below  (it usually requires x2 clicks):

Wind & Rain/Martham

And here is a fairly lengthy field recording I made of the wind and rain from the bathroom of our holiday let - headphones recommended:

A last walk around Martham

Friday, October 1, 2021

Our last day in Martham before we return home was a chilled one, spent meandering around the river near our holiday letter. A beautiful, chilled day to end our vacation.

Me meditating (photo by my daughter, Amber)


I will miss this place...

Brick pile, Martham

Old Bill-board, Norwich


19th Century Graffitti ~ Norwich Cathedral


Dippy in Norwich Cathedral

I really could not visit Norwich without taking the opportunity afforded to me to see Dippy the dinosaur, which is currently being exhibited in the city cathedral.  There seems something very ironic about seeing a dinosaur being celebrated in a place of Christian worship though...

After way too long of a gap, I have finally started field recording again. As before, you will need to use a pair of decent quality headphones to really appreciate the audio in the video below:

Sleeping Cat - Norwich

Atlas V

August 27, 2021 

A strange light appeared in the sky tonight as we drove along the quiet country lanes on the Norfolk Broads.

A strange light in the night-time sky over Norfolk

So unfamiliar was its appearance that talk within the car naturally turned to UFOs, the conversation fuelled by Twitter, which was ablaze with talk and images of the object (or similar objects) that had been spotted right across Britain and Europe. What the hell was going on?

Well, it was not too long before the flurry of Twitter micro-conversations, which conjectured an alien invasion (it is 2021, after all, where people are prepared for almost anything to happen) became interspersed with the occasion factual tweet. Apparently, this wasn't the commencement of a war of the worlds scenario but was, in fact, the Atlas V rocket, launched from California to deliver the Landsat-9 into space. A little after 10pm (UK time), the rocket undertook a de-orbit burn over Europe, which jettisons and destroys the lower stages of the rocket to help prevent the build up of unnecessary space debris. Being so high in the sky, the gases involved in this manoeuvre were illuminated by the sun, despite it being dark here in Europe.

Perhaps not quite so exciting as visitors from another planet, this was still a fairly rare and exhilarating sighting in UK skies and we were all excited by the unusual event.

Twilight on the Broads


Martham, Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Holiday - a particularly cool close to the day

 I thought this crow brought a particularly cool close to my third day on the Norfolk Broads:

Norfolk Holiday - a London cat in Norfolk

I met this little guy on the Norfolk Broads today. Apparently, he was a feral cat living on the streets of London before someone brought him here:


Norfolk Holiday - Deer


Norfolk Holiday - Martham

Norfolk Holiday - Monica


Norfolk Holiday - pyewacket & pottery shards

Monday, September 27, 2021

Did a little more writing of my new project Pyewacket in bed this morning. With office comfort and scenery like this, such work is a real pleasure:

Later in the morning, I took a circular walk through the countryside lane that passes the front of our holiday let. 

Along the way, I found lots of old broken crockery that I took a fancy to:

A whimsy brought to life...

 I started a new writing project today- Pyewacket.  It's a strange little tale and I am currently thinking of writing it in a similar vein to one of my earlier novellas - Pixie-Led (i.e. written in a simple, innocent voice but dealing with strange events). I have been mulling the story over for quite a while now. And this morning, with a view like this, I really could not think of a better time to bring the beast to life :)

A stroll around Norwich

Sunday, September 26, 2021

My daughter showed us around one of her favourite walks in Norwich City this afternoon. The sun was out. The weather was cool but enjoyable. I haven't felt so good in a long while.

Norwich Cathedral

Canoes, Norwich City

Cow Tower, C14th Artillery Blockhouse
Spontaneous City architectural installation

Edward Street, Norwich

Anglia Square, Norwich

Graffiti, Norwich

Heads 'n' Toes

After our walk, and before heading back to our holiday home for the evening we parked up briefly outside the abandoned old mental health hospital at Thorpe St Andrew.

You can take a gander around the inside of this Grade II listed building courtesy of Em and Stew Em and Stu.

Our long awaited Norfolk holiday :)

September 25, 2021

Heading out of the city:

To the Norfolk Broads:

An explosion of colour welcomed our arrival at Martham, on the Norfolk Broads. A glowing Horse Chestnut tree marked our car parking space at our holiday accommodation for the next week. I couldn't help myself but pick a conker from its almost psychedelic branches and I will give germinating and growing a little Horse Chestnut tree....

Our holiday let and the view from its back garden was both more spacious and picturesque than suggested by its advertisement on the internet. I suppose its nice to be pleasantly surprised with our accommodation and setting on arrival than disappointed.

And for the goths amongst us, here are a couple of moodier images:

The evening ended with a visit from this little fella - found sat on our doorstep as we locked up for the night: