Lose yourself in a world of

  • dark, ancient forests, witches and faerie changelings ~ Crawley
  • mind-bending alien plants ~ Edn™
  • mermen, selkies, phantom sailors ~ Lore
  • devil-worshippers, piskies and a zombie cat ~ Pixie-Led
  • werewolves and vikings ~ Berserk!
  • a dryad takes on a man with an axe, hippie student thrill-seekers, murderous vegan turkey-lovers and more ~ Solstice

Extraordinary tales of folk horror by Chris Elphick:

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Solstice Stories - 

Three short festive folk horror stories - strange taster tales from the portmanteau novel, Solstice.

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Gower Peninsula Guide Books

Explore the old faery folklore and ghost stories of the Gower Peninsular with these meticulously researched guides. Replete with colour photographs of the landscapes that gave birth to the old haunts of Gower's faeries and ghosts.

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Sweyne's Eye

Sweyne's Eye is a series of photography zines exploring the City and County of Swansea. You can purchase the book by clicking on the images: 


Plenery - a fotozine in 3 parts.

Three small volumes of lo-res photography exploring narrative, connection and belonging, communicated through the device of the photographs of the artist's own shadow. You can purchase the various zines by clicking on the images below:


Passenger Seat

Within the sixty or so images that comprise ‘Passenger Seat’, photographer/author Chris Elphick uses his position, strapped into a car passenger seat, as a lens to explore passivity, mindfulness/reverie, and the transitory nature of experience.

The joy of life is to be found in the journey itself.

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x2 second drafts completed

May 25, 2022

 I have been very busy this week writing and am now happy to report that the second draft of both Avalon, my book exploring Glastonbury, and my novel Solstice has now been completed. Now it's time for the third and final drafts of these docs, which in these instances is just proofreading, grammatical tidying up and typesetting the documents for publication. What a good start to this cold and drizzly Wednesday morning 🙂