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The Verry Volk

Just received my copy of The Verry Volk. I am happy to report it is now available to purchase from Amazon 

Published! The Verry Volk

Two days ahead of schedule, I am happy to report that The Verry Volk has now been published and is available in both paperback and Kindle editions :) You can purchase your copy here.
The Verry Volk book cover

The Verry Volk - published and ready to purchase from Amazon

Now it is time for me to concentrate on continuing the second draft of Berserk!

Completed: The Verry Volk

I am happy to report that my guide to local faery folklore, The Verry Volk, has now been completed. It should be hopefully available to buy sometime over the next week. :)

The Verry Volk #10 and #11

With The Verry Volk close to completion, I will conclude this short series of posts sharing some of the photographs contained in the book with these two images, both taken along the immense marshland that stretches from the foot of Llanmadoc.

A pony meandering across the marshlands of Llanmadoc

Cwm Ivy Tor, Llanmadoc
It has been an immense pleasure writing and producing this book, which I hope you will finally be able to get your hands on sometime over the next weekend. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

The Verry Volk #9

The sunshine dripping through leafy boughs, Llanmadoc

The Verry Volk #8

In the depths of Betty Church Woods, Llanmadoc, a shaft of light strikes an ancient tree.

The Verry Volk #7

This is one of my favourite photographs featured in The Verry Volk - a nice moonlit shot of Three Cliffs Bay. According to local folklore, this was once the scene of Fae festivities. Interrupted by a chief and his army, who attempted to slaughter the magickal creatures, the faery folk, or Verry Volk as the locals used to term them, wreaked a dreadful vengeance on the warring men and their castle, which looked down upon the bay!

A moonlit Three Cliffs Bay

The Verry Volk #6

A lonely lane on the Gower Peninsula

The Verry Volk #5

Another image from my forthcoming book, The Verry Volk:

The Verry Volk #4

This image from my forthcoming book, The Verry Volk, features the village I called home for the first twenty years of my life - Penclawdd. I hope you agree that I was very lucky to have been brought up amongst such spectacular natural beauty:

The Verry Volk #3

The image below, photographed in Pitton, Gower, was originally intended to be the cover design for my book The Verry Volk. If you are interested in how that design would have looked, you can see it here. You can also see the alternative cover design, featuring another photograph from the book, here. Ultimately, I decided upon this later design, as I felt it held a richer connotation of the magical aspects of nature, which I wanted to denote in the book. I still have a soft spot for the below image though and have included it in the book for your delectation.

The Verry Volk #2

Even amongst the hustle and bustle of 21st Century life, the old haunts of the Fae are still beautiful and serene. Here a couple of images from my forthcoming book ~ The Verry Volk, featuring one of my favourite locations, Three Cliffs Bay:

Three Cliffs Bay, an old haut of the magickal Fae

Three Cliffs Bay

The Verry Volk #1

To celebrate the upcoming release of my next book - The Verry Volk, I will be publishing some of the photographs that will appear within its pages here on my Pixie-Led site. First up, here's a picture I took at the summit of Pennard Cliffs, overlooking the Bristol Channel:

Tweaked Cover Design for The Verry Volk

Working on The Verry Volk Intro

Working on the introduction to The Verry Volk, which I hope to have published before the close of Summer...

Me In The Sunshine

I love this picture of yours truly. The picture was taken on Cefn Bryn, which is known as the backbone of Gower - the setting of my next book, The Verry Volk.I will be using this image in my 'About the Author' section of the book.

Toadstool Promo For The Verry Volk

Betty Church Woods

Here is another photograph from my upcoming book on the local faery folklore in my neck of the woods. This is a photo of Betty Church woods (named after the woman who made her home amongst the trees here). The woods were in deep shade when a shaft of evening sunshine suddenly hit this tree and turned the scene into something rather magical :)

Betty Church Woods

Cwm Ivy

This is one of Gower's quietest spots - Cwm Ivy. Here, a man out walking the marshland fringe, happened upon a group of dancing Verry Volk beneath the large outcrop of limestone rock. The Fae were none too pleased when the man, enchanted by their sweet music, joined them in their merriment...