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Graham Masterton

Wednesday, November 08 2023

I've finally sorted out my Graham Masterton Books. Click here if you want a detailed look: #grahammasterton

The Pop Funkos don't really fit in with book theme, except that they are horror pops, but I am struggling with space for them all lol:

Pop Funko - Regan Puking

November 06, 2023 

Look what the postie dropped this off for me today - Regan Puking from The Exorcist!

More Pop Funkos...

October 29, 2023

Nearly Halloween, so here are few more of my Pops #horrorpops

The Seer from Vikings

Danny from The Shining

The Invisible Man

#shelfiesunday 6

#shelfiesunday 4 and 5

Sunday, October 22, 2023

My Twin Peaks and Dracula pops:


Pop Funkos - Dracula

 Another of my horror pop funkos:

Pop Funko - Creepshow

A flocked Stephen King from Creepshow:

Pop Funkos - The Shining

Childish, I know, but I do like photographing my horror pop funkos every Halloween time...


 Saturday, October 7, 2023

It's October - time to take some more pics of my Pop Funko Horror Collection:

#shelfiesunday #2

A couple more #shelfie pics

Candyman Pop

October 31, 2022

And this is my final horror Pop Funko pic for 2022 - a really cool funko version of the scary Candyman!

 Happy Halloween.

Bram Stoker Pop Funko

October 30, 2022

The man himself - mighty Bram Stoker. Pardon the pun(let), but I was really stoked to see the funko factory had brought out this particular character :)

Vincent Price Pop

October 29, 2022

Not one of Funko's greatest likenesses, but I couldn't say no to adding Vincent Price to my collection of horror Pops:

Twin Peaks: The Giant

October 27, 2020

"The owls are not what the seem."

Twin Peaks Pop Funkos

October 26, 2022 

Todays Funko foto features not one, but four Pops! I present a dead Laura, her possessed father Leland and the demonic Bob! Dale Cooper is there too, looking well too happy with his coffee given the gruesome circumstances, but hey ho. Happy Halloween 🎃


October 23, 2022

It seems like it's that time of year again lol. Time to get my pops out!