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June 15,2022

 Well, it has taken me a few years to get this book written and published but the portmanteau novel is finally out in the wild and available for purchase as either a paperback or an ebook from Amazon. Click here to be taken to the purchase page for this novel.

With this beast finally released, I can give more attention to the projects that remain on my plate for 2022/3, namely Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine, a new book on the Gower Peninsula and my next novel - Pyewacket. 

Publication Dates for these projects are:

Avalon - A Glastonbury Zine - August 8,2022
Gower - December 31, 2022
Pyewacket - February 28, 2022

I will release details of the rest of my 2023 projects closer to the time.

But for now, I hope you enjoy Solstice. And don't forget to leave a review on Amazon.

Speak soon,


'Tis done.

May 31, 2022

Solstice is complete :)

How do I feel when I complete the writing of a novel? 

Well, this particular book has taken me nearly 3 years to write and, much like the completion of my previous 5 novels, the feeling is of a complete sense of unburdening. Plus, of course, a growing sense of excitement as I can concentrate on fresher ideas :)

x2 Cover Art

 With the publication dates of both Solstice and Avalon getting close, I thought it was time that I designed some book covers. And here they are - the front cover of Solstice and the full jacket layout for Avalon. I hope you like them :)

Solstice - The Final Draft Begins...

May 26, 2022

x2 second drafts completed

May 25, 2022

 I have been very busy this week writing and am now happy to report that the second draft of both Avalon, my book exploring Glastonbury, and my novel Solstice has now been completed. Now it's time for the third and final drafts of these docs, which in these instances is just proofreading, grammatical tidying up and typesetting the documents for publication. What a good start to this cold and drizzly Wednesday morning 🙂

More Project Juggling

May 22. 2020 

 Okay, so time-wise, I am nearly a quarter of the way through this Avalon zine project. Having taken a week off to crack on with another project I am working on (Solstice), I thought it was time that I had better crack on with Avalon:

Solstice Amendments (2)

May 19, 2022

Solstice Amendments

May 17, 2022

Return to Solstice

May 13, 2022

I am happy to report that the first draft of Avalon ~ the Glastonbury Zine has now been completed :) Next up for me now is to proofread the articles and edit the photography and carry out a little in-page design. I am going to take a rest for the next couple of days though to enjoy the weekend. Catch you all on the other side... :o)

Juggling Projects

May 12, 2022

 I've been cracking on with the Avalon project at a fair pace. But after the first draft of it has been done,  I will have to ease back on its progress to concentrate on the second draft of Solstice. Oh, and that Gower book I had to put on hold because of illness wrecking my creativity, well, my mind has finally returned to this delayed project. The book won't be as first envisioned, but… Well, I'll speak further on this matter soon...

Solstice Denouement - Draft 2

May 9, 2022

The Good Doctor

 April 26, 2022

Well, I have finally completed the first draft of the conclusion to my portmanteau folk-horror novel Solstice. Fyi, during the course of writing this concluding story in the book I have decided to change its title from Shiver to The Good Doctor. This should make better sense when people finally get a chance to read the book. Anyway, before I make a start on the story's second draft, I think I will enjoy a nice and very long weekend break and concentrate more on my ongoing health problems...

Another sunny day. Another writing sesh concluded...

April 21, 2022

Writing in the Sunshine

April 20, 2022

Battling On...

April 12, 2022 

Not feeling too well of late, but I am trying my best to battle on through with the writing of my conclusion to my Solstice series.

Still, there was a little peace to be found in the garden 😎

Solstice -a morning well spent

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I spent the morning crafting the opening paragraph in the fourth and final story in the folk horror portmanteau novel Solstice. Oh, and the tale now has its own title - Shiver.

Solstice Continues...

March 26, 2022

It looks like my hope for renewed creativity, mentioned in my self-pity post the other day, has been granted. Sat out in the garden today, without a clue how I was going to bring the book to a conclusion, I started the final story in my Solstice series of stories afresh.

The new version of the finale of this portmanteau novel addresses the main problem I had with the conclusion that I previously could not quite square.

Whilst, as mentioned in my previous post, I will have topostpone the publication date of Pagan Stone, I feel confident again thatI should be able to keep to the Solstice publication deadline. 😊 

Writing by candlelight tonight

January 17, 2022

 I've been suffering from a second bout of the dreaded covids this past week. Whilst my current state of health was certainly not helped with this further attack upon it defences, the isolation forced upon me by this virus has allowed time for both physical and mental rest. And today, my convalescence finally brought my old muse back to life. 

Pyewacket turned out to be the writing project interesting enough to draw my pen back to the page, even though I know I had been neglecting my portmanteau novel, Solstice, for too long. But, for the time being, my health has to take priority over my creative projects and I am not going to force my writing direction. And although Pyewacket is a much later project, with a more distanced deadline, at the moment I am not going to force my hand. Right now, tonight, I am just happy to have found myself finally writing something again... :)

Solstice continues...

 With the darkening days and a good ole Welsh storm brewing outside, my mews finally made a reappearance this morning :) And, within a couple of hours, I had completed the first draft of my introductory segue that cements my 3 Solstice stories into a complete portmanteau novel...

Given the timeline constructed in The Dryad, Amanita and Gobble, these tales will appear in the Solstice Novel in a different sequence to the various publication dates of the individual stories.