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Halloween Amicus

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Halloween month begins with a matinee of these classics from Amicus...
This was my first opportunity of watching From Beyond the Grave after getting it signed by the one and only David Warner. "Feed Me!"

Halloween Horror

 Continuing my Halloween horror viewing with this classic!

October (Halloween) Films

Time to make a start on the Halloween movies I have lined up for this month. 


Torture Garden

Continuing my run of watching portmanteau horror films of late (without a doubt my favourite movie genre), I watched Torture Garden today. It's a lovely little film, with the first story, about a greedy playboy wanting to get his hands on a horde of witch's gold he thinks his uncle has discovered, easily being easily my favourite stand out tale in the collection :) 

Portmanteau Movies #1 and #2

Getting in the mood to continue my very own collection of portmanteau horror tales by watching my favourite portmanteau movies. Starting with these two Amicus gems 😊