Swansea City Sunsets Zine Update

 March 01, 2022

I have just 29 days left until the latest edition of my fotography zine Sweyne's Eye goes to press. All the photographic content is now in place and just needs fine-tuning in situ on the page. Gotta say, I am a little bit happy with this special edition zine :

To continue whetting your appetite, here are x3 more images from the forthcoming zine, featuring Swansea's picturesque Cockett Church: 

Swansea Bus Stop Sunsets

x2 more images from the next issue of my fotozine Sweyne's Eye. Swansea sunsets viewed through bus stops:

Mister Jonathan Pyewacket Begins to Disappear

 Mister Jonathan Pyewacket beginning to disappear in the fog. From Chapter One of my current W.I.P. - The Peculiar Adventures of Mister Jonathan Pyewacket... 

Swansea City Sunsets

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

With the publication date of the latest edition of Sweyne's Eye rapidly looming (T-35 days), I thought it best I at least got the cover of the zine sorted. And here it is:


There may still be a few tweaks that need addressing before the zine goes on the market, but I am happy with today's progress :)

Swansea Maritime Quarter

I am continuing to make decent progress on the latest Sweyne's Eye fotozine. This issue will be devoted to some of the sunset images I have captured of Swansea City. Whilst the zine will feature its fair share of silhouetted cityscapes against blazing orange skies, I will also try to share some more unusual sunset shots, such a these two pics, taken in Swansea's maritime quarter.

Sweyne's Eye - Swansea City Sunsets

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Feeling a little brighter health-wise this past weekend, I finally made a good bit of progress on my next publishing project - the latest Sweyne's Eye photography zine, this next edition being titled Swansea City Sunsets. With just 45 days left to meet its deadline, this sudden headway came as a bit of a relief. My sight is now positively focussed on this target date.

The following set of of two images, taken from the upcoming zine, details the cobbled lane at Swansea Marina:

Sun, Sea, Settee

I have been looking at this view quite a lot recently! I need to get outside again!

The fruits of insomnia

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Insomnia dragged me down from my bed in the wee small hours of this morning. And, grabbing myself a hot water bottle and a mug of tea, I settled myself beneath a blanket on the living room settee to while away some time working on my Pyewacket storyline.

My writing proved quite fruitful, in more senses than one, and I came away from the session having moved the story on quite nicely. I also constructed a hopefully achieveable plan of action to make a December 01, 2022 publication date for the story 🙂

The book will introduce the protagonist Jonathan Pyewacket and follows his first bizarre  adventure when he inexplicably finds himself in a fairy tale world of spellcraft commerce. The book will feature four main characters and glimpses of further magical and eccentric people who could feature in further tales set in the world. I won't give away any more details right now, except to say that this first story in a possible series of escapades is going to be rather fruity.

I haven't been this excited with a writing project for quite a while 🙂