Enjoying the Last of the 2020 Sunshine


Frosted Car

Wow, it's cold outside this morning.


Bill Brandt

I had forgotten how good a photographer Bill Brandt was.


Crimbo Goody Box

One of our furry girls has made her home in our emptied Christmas goody box.


My Nordic Yule Goat Mug

Time to get my Nordic Yule Goat mug out for Crimbo.

A Ghost Story for Christmas

 Time for a little festive reading.

Santa Arrives

Time for Santa to make a festive appearance on our landing windowsill.


Deck the Halls

Started decorating the house with Winter/Yule/Christmas decorations. Just one new one a day as the season builds 🙂



A New Notebook

I am happy with my new notebook. I am now ready to start outlining a new folk-horror novel - about a girl who stumbles upon something unusual in the forest...

Seagull on his Pot of Gold

I woke up to this view out of my bedroom window this morning :)

A Halloween Woodland Walk

I went for a Halloween woodland walk through my local woods today, where I saw a witch!


Halloween Horror

 Continuing my Halloween horror viewing with this classic!

A Bit of Morning Research

 I do love the research stage of writing a story. So many coalescing ideas. So many paths to choose from. Which route will I follow?

Solstice 2 Research

 Making the most of a stormy autumn morning by doing a little research.

Story-boarding Solstice Story 2

I started story-boarding my second tale of Solstice today. This is the first major scene in Story 2 (there are a couple of minor set-up scenes preceding this) and details the hallucinatory occurrence that really gets the action going in the story. This is also the scene that is explained more fully (and rationally) in the third tale in the portmanteau series of connecting festive folk horror tales that will eventually feature in my forthcoming book Solstice. 

Story-boarding Solstice Story 2

I hope to get this second tale, which is titled Amanita muscaria, published initially as a stand-alone story later next year. In the meantime, the first title in the Solstice series, The Dryad, is available to purchase now from Amazon.

Halloween Funko 2020 #8

Bringing this 2020's Halloween Funko photos to a close this year is... Nosferatu (stalking around our cat tower lol).

Solstice ~ Second Story Research


Halloween Funkos 2020 #7

 Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, stood before my very own writing desk :)

Solstice ~ Story 2 Cover Design

One of my cats is easier to work with than the other :)