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Graham Masterton

Wednesday, November 08 2023

I've finally sorted out my Graham Masterton Books. Click here if you want a detailed look: #grahammasterton

The Pop Funkos don't really fit in with book theme, except that they are horror pops, but I am struggling with space for them all lol:

Loosening the Chains of Office Mundanity (2)

There has been a bit of a change for me, work-wise, starting today. I have started new compressed hours at my day job, meaning I now work four 10-hour days instead of 5 eight hour days a week. This gives me every Wednesday off work :)

This is a very real game-changer for me, addressing my work/home life balance issues, which have been too work-weighted for far too long.  I plan to utilise these freed-up days well, using them to concentrate more on my creative projects, housework and mental well-being. And all that without losing a penny in pay. :)Today, I started work on finally sorting out our attic room, got ahead of schedule in my reading and novel writing, and catalogued these books in my Pixie-Led library:

#shelfiesunday 4 and 5

Sunday, October 22, 2023

My Twin Peaks and Dracula pops:


#shelfiesunday #2

A couple more #shelfie pics