Amanita ~ Day 88/100

When your laptop is useless in the sunny garden grrr... (Yes, she does watch me like this most of the time lol)

Day 78/100

 Day 78/100. Draft 2 complete :) I now have 22 days to get the final third draft completed. It's going to be a tight finish...

The Mindful Garden - Focal Point

 Here he is - settled amongst the ivy in the section of our patio I am devoting to the creation of a mindful garden. He will form the focal point of the design. So far, so good...

Mindful Gardening - Buddha

I have decided to create a mindful garden in this section of our patio:
Step One ~ Finding & Acquiring a Peaceful Buddha Statue accomplished :)


Nostalgia #3

Nostalgia. Isle of Skye. First visit. First stop off. Garage for matches to light van fire.


Magickal Gardening

If you can't find magic in the world, create your own!