Sunday 14 November 2021

Before the Chop

The entrance to Whiteford Burrow, the Gower Peninsula

I took a weekend constitutional down Whiteford Burrows last weekend - my favourite place on  the whole of the magnificent Gower Peninsula. My mission - to photograph the pine woodland there, much of which is now facing the chop!

Chilling amongst the trees, whose death knell has been sounded

The 16,000 step (thanks Fitbit) walk was something of a salutary experience, given that a large number of the trees I wandered amongst were going to be killed, some of them as soon as the following day!

Woodland at Whiteford Point

Chilling, Whiteford

Whiteford offers one of the quietest and more remote walks on the whole of the Gower Peninsula. And its pine trees, which have been a feature of this landscape here for a century, have been a much-loved  aspect of this area. So much so, in fact, that I have already made plans to have my ashes scattered amongst the trees here when my number is finally called. And although there appears to be sound ecological reasons for their decimation, I could not help but feel rather downhearted as I wandered amongst their soon-to-be decimated number.

Owl pellet, Whiteford Woods

Anyway, I will post more photos of the Whiteford's atmospheric woodland for posterity before the felling begins over on my Explore Gower website. {I will update this post with a link to that Explore Gower page when it goes live}....

Snap, Whiteford


Monday 1 November 2021