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Pixie-Led Covers

 To add a little spice to the menu, I haven given the ebook version of Pixie-Led a different the new paperback edition design of Pixie-Led. Here are the two of them for comaprison:

Paperback Design

ebook Design

The new cover design of Pixie-Led

The new cover art for Pixie-Led

 I have redesigned the cover design of my folk-horror Novella, Pixie-Led. This gives far more of an insight into the contents of the book than the old design offered - a bewitched cat able to travel through mirrors at the bidding of his mistress:

The old cover design of Pixie-Led

New Cover Designs For My First Four Folk-Horror Novels

March 03, 2020

Here they are - the new cover designs for my first four folk-horror novels. My fifth (Berserk!) was only published a few month ago, so I am still happy with the cover for that book. To celebrate the relaunch of these titles, they will be offered for sale at just 4.99 for the entire month of March. :)

Click on the image of the book you are interested in purchasing to be taken to the appropriate Amazon page:

Folk Horror Titles Relaunch New Cover Designs!

February 29, 2020

Having looked through my back catalogue of books on Amazon with fresh eyes, I have come to the conclusion that the cover design of my first novel appears a little tired. And so I have started work on a classy new relaunch of my folk-horror titles. Look out for these spanking new cover artworks on heading your way soon...

Working on a classy new book cover for Crawley ~ an adult faery tale

Working late into the night on the new cover of Pixie-Led

Berserk! Continuing Chapter One.

Pushing onward with Chapter One, detailing the characters and their mission:

Pixie-Led ~ a devilish tale of smoke and mirrors

Well here it is - Pixie-Led ~ a devilish tale of smoke and mirrors. After all the hard work I have put into this over the past 10 month, it is a wonderful feeling seeing the finalised physical book in all its glory :) 

Pixie-Led is Published! :o)

I have spent so much time with the characters in this book it feels quite sad saying farewell to them and sending them out to make new friends. Here it is though, finally out of my hands and out in the world. I hope you like it :)

Buy Pixie-Led here.

It is now time to find some new characters to work with...


Pixie-Led has now been sent off for publication...

Pixie-Led - The End

I have been working hard on this since last August, but this morning I finally completed my 4th novella. I just have to format it now ready for publishing sometime in April.

Pixie-Led. Chapter 15. Final Edit. Skye.

My last full day in Skye :0( and my last writing session in our lovely holiday cottage in Duntulm :0(


Getting lazy. Editing my novel in bed this morning.

Early Morning Editing on the Isle of Skye

Editing Pixie-Led. Chapter 14

Pixie-Led. Chapter 13. Final Draft. Skye.

The rest of my family had a lay-in after our two-day drive up to Skye. Whilst they snoozed, I spent my first morning in our holiday cottage, which we have for the whole of next week, catching up on some editing of Pixie-Led.

Pixie-Led. Draft 3. Chapter One.

Starting work on the final draft of my next book :)