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GNS Reading Graveyard Rendezvous with One of His Creations

Monday, 04 

Models for a fotoshoot for my upcoming GNS zine:

Winter's End (2024) Update

Friday, 01 March, 2024

It is Spring at last! That was one harsh winter, wasn't it? Anyway, we are through it now, and it is time to look forward to better things...

Healthwise, I am hoping for a fantastic season ahead. My new meds, seen as a wonder drug by my consultant, have proved as good as promised and I officially return to my day job next Thursday.

Over the past winter, I have managed to progress my Cold Comfort novel and it is just a matter of formatting the thing now prior to its publication, which still has its official release date of March 31 intact - although this may stretch into April if anything gets in my way of progress it this month.

Progress of my Guy N Smith book is also going well, with all my Lego photography completed (I still don't know what to do with all the GNS Lego dioramas I've created over the past few months). I have one field trip lined up before completing this particular book. This was originally going to involve a visit to Hopwas Wood, the scene of The Sucking Pit and numerous other GNS tales, with Knighton being a reserve alternative should the weather prove too wet for woodland walking. With the continuing uncertainty surrounding the location of the bomb crater in Hopwas Wood (whose rain-filled depths inspired The Sucking Pit), I have decided to delay this visit for another day (and probably another year). Instead, I have now decided that my field trip will be to Shell Bay, the location of GNS' classic Night of the Crabs. This change of location came as a relief to my wife and son, who will accompany me on this field trip, as there is far more to occupy my family's time on the coast of North Wales than a meander through a single woodland. Knighton remains in reserve if the weather forecast proves too gloomy for beach camping at the time. The GNS book is still scheduled for a close of June 2024 release.

Prior to the above field trip, the three of us (and hopefully my daughter if she can find the time) have another trip planned, this time to Glastonbury so I can take photographs for Issue 2 of Glastonbury guidebooks, Avalon. This should be my third publication of 2024, scheduled for the end of September.

After that, I will be working on my fourth Gower guidebook - Tidal Gower. 

After that, my prospective 9th novel, about a girl's unusual friendship with a toad - Familiar - should lead me nicely into 2025...

Here's hoping the nice weather brings good times for myself, my family and all my friends, readers and site visitors. Have a love Spring :)

Lego Project 2 - Ghost Stories for Christmas

 Monday, February 05, 2024

As I have already noted, my Lego Guy N Smith dioramas have now reached an end. But I'm still having fun with the hobby. It's a very meditative activity and continues to really help in taking my mind off my illness as I await the start of my fortnightly jabs. And so I have given myself a second Lego challenge, which is: Scenes from BBC2's Ghost Stories for Christmas. Despite waiting for a crucial part of my next diorama, I have already made a start with its construction:

The Signalman by Charles Dickens

Guy N Smith Lego Photography Update

Sunday, February 04, 2024

Photography on the Lego section of my Gun N Smith fanzine is now complete, with 25 of his books receiving a Lego makeover. These are: 

Werewolf by Moonlight
The Sucking Pit 
The Slime Beast 
Night of the Crabs 
The Truckers 1 & 2 
Satan's Snowdrop 
The Pluto Pact 
Crabs’ Moon 
The Walking Dead 
The Wood 
The Camp 
The Black Fedora 
The Dark One (Alternative Cover) 
The Pony Riders 
The Cadaver 
Nightspawn (Alternative Cover) 
The Reaper 

Lookout for your copy of the book during Summer 2024. Though, as I'm writing this, I've just thought of another interesting chapter that might well be interesting to include in the zine. This would throw the publication date back a little though. Hmmmmm..?

Guy N Smith - The Trucker & Truckers 2 (Lego Cover Versions)

Friday, February 02, 2024

Well, Evri finally delivered by Lego lorry. Several happy hours later I had added two new Lego book reproductions for my upcoming new zine The Imaginarium, the first issue of which will concentrate on Guy N Smith:


Guy N Smith - Satan's Snowdrop (Lego Version)

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 

My GNS Lego project for my upcoming Guy N Smith fanzine is progressing nicely. Working at these set-ups has helped take my mind off my health woes this last week or so, and I have a few more to keep me busy. My novel, Cold Comfort, is also progressing nicely and is ahead of schedule. Expect the latter to be published at the end of March 2024 and the former to be available by the close of June... In the meantime, here is my completed Lego version of Guy's Satan's Snowdrop:

The Imaginarium of Guy N Smith

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 

 Had trouble sleeping last night as I knew I needed further work done on this cover. Now, at least prospective buyers have a clue what they will find within the covers of the book/fanzine. I still need to add a bit of reflection on the crystal ball, but I don't know how to do that yet...