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Me and the Bad Bois

Monday, August 7, 2023

 I've decided to take a much needed break from writing through the month of August. Going to chill for a few weeks and get some of my garden and houseplants in some kind of order. 

My writing will pick up again in September, when I will start working on Tidal Gower in earnest and continue bashing my Zombie novel in shape...

Snow! and more...

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

I woke up to snow this morning. 😍

Surely this would be counted as a 'snow day' at work..

Unfortunately, not!

Still, I managed to snag a couple of snow pics I was happy with for my Explore Swansea site that I was pleased with. 👍

This is a good point to finalise my decision on the future of a couple of my online projects. My Magickal Gardening site WILL CONTINUE, but its access to the general public has now been rescinded. As I first suggested in this earlier post, access to Magickal Gardening will now be offered only to supporters of The Pixie-Led Blog.  I have also decided to make Explore-Swansea accessible only to supporters of the Pixie-Led Blog. My Swansea photography site is a MASSIVE catalogue of images of Swansea and is a real treasure-trove for lovers of my home town! How do you become a supporter of my blog? Simples. Just buy me a coffee! 

* Supporters buying me x1 coffee will now gain access to Magickal Gardening.

* Supporters buying me x2 coffees will now gain access to both Magickal Gardening and Explore Swansea.

For the time being, Explore-Gower, will remain accessible to the general public...

Goodbye MG?



The Magickal Gardening site has now closed its gates. Several factors have led to this decision, including financial and leisure issues. Whilst the old domain name for the gardening blog is now defunct, or at least not connected to my blog, the site still exists at its naked hosting URL. Whilst the Magickal Gardening blog is no longer available to the public, access is available to those who support my work by buying me a coffee. Leave me your email there, and I will grant you personal access to the site. ☺️👨‍🌾✨🥕

Thank you,

Chris Elphick 

Magickal Gardening has closed

Unfortunately, my magickal garden website has had to close it's gates. There will be news concerning this project in the coming days...

Watch this space...