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An Afternoon venture into the Garden

Sunday, February 11, 2024

It was mild enough for me to go out into the garden today and have a little fire in the chimenea. It was lovely to see that Spring is finally starting to claw its way into 2024 :)


My Yew Cutting, taken from this magnificent tree down the Gower Peninsula, was looking nice and healthy:

My Yew Cutting (pruned to be a bonsai)

Another bonsai in the making - this time a Cherry Tree

It was nice to see that the Sycamore, grown from a trio of seeds I collected a trio of Sycamore from the sacred Chalice Well Gardens, the sacred in Glastonbury:

An old pic of the three Sycamore Seeds collected from Glastonbury

These three seeds have now formed a rather cool 'single' entity whose contortions continue to amaze :)

Well, I only gone and did it!

 Well, I only gone and did it! Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine is published! And you Glastonbury lovers out there can buy your copy here :)

Juggling Projects

May 12, 2022

 I've been cracking on with the Avalon project at a fair pace. But after the first draft of it has been done,  I will have to ease back on its progress to concentrate on the second draft of Solstice. Oh, and that Gower book I had to put on hold because of illness wrecking my creativity, well, my mind has finally returned to this delayed project. The book won't be as first envisioned, but… Well, I'll speak further on this matter soon...

Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine

May 04, 2022

Probably the best bench in Glastonbury

"Whenever my mind turns to Glastonbury, I always remember the times I spent there atop Wearyall Hill. Once I spent hours on its summit in the freezing snow of a Winter’s solstice, having mistimed the sunrise! Sat there in the complete darkness, I still remember the chill and the shuffling and munching noises of the local sheep, made mysterious in the blackness of the night, who came to keep me company. It was as though it had happened only yesterday..."

- snippet from the upcoming issue 1 of Avalon -The Glastonbury zine

Despite the nagging of The Soosh,  I managed to get the new Avalon zine website up and running today :) 

I have also sorted the imagery that will accompany the article I am writing for the physical Avalon zine, some of which you can see below:

I like the images above as I think they illustrate the stark polarities that characterise the human condition. In this instance, people who go out of their way to wantonly kill something as innocent as a tree and those who cherished and actually loved the now sadly demised Glastonbury Thorn. I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity of both witnessing and recording the ceremony. Sadly, even the trunk of the tree has now been removed from the hill :(

Anyway, I think that's enough work done for today...

100 Day Project - Day 3

May 03, 2022

I have to admit to being a bit lazy yesterday as I did absolutely zero work on Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine. I made up for lost time today though with a solid 4 hours work sorting out imagery and doing a bit of writing too for the zine. 97 days to go....

May Day 100 Day Project

 May 1, 2021

Well, day 1 of my #100dayschallenge went smoothly and productively. I have titled the project Avalon - the Glastonbury zine. I've worked out what articles and features will appear in the zine, and have decided if I can find any other writers or artists who would like to contribute to the zine. I have also registered a domain name to document the  progress of the zine, to advertise its presence in the market, to hopefully attract contributors and, ultimately, to get some advertisers on board. It's  not online just yet but here is an early preview of its first page:

I think I will call it a day now and get on with stuff. See ya.