Signed Michelle Paver Books

I finally received my signed copy of Michelle Paver's Wakenhyrst novel this week. It looks a beast of a novel compared to her earlier ghost stories Dark Matter and Thin Air, which I also have signed copies of :) Her earlier books were excellent reads, their spooky atmosphere knitted meticulously and realistically into the stories. I am a big fan. I have a bit of a backlog of books to read at the moment, so this mighty tome will have to live quietly on my bookshelf with its sisters for the time being. It seems the perfect read to while away the winter months so I may crack its spine this coming Halloween. Seems fitting...

Rain on Shed Door

I just nipped outside to put a few of my delicate plants in the shed before this evening's storm hits and I saw this:

Beautiful :)


I have got myself a little Summer project, producing a short book detailing the local faery folklore in my area. Hoping to see it in print sometime early in the autumn...

Berserk! Draft 1. Chapter Two

Berserk! Storyboarding Chapter Two

The heavy metal band and their photographer arrive on the dismal island...

Edn™ ~ a trippy tale of alien horticulture

I have been meaning to make a short video promo for my novel Edn™ for a while now. I got the opportunity to shoot it this afternoon whilst down my local park. You can view the promo vids for my other novellas here: Crawley Promo / Lore Promo. I just have to knock one up for Pixie-Led now...

A dreamy walk through the bluebell woods

I played around with a sub-£10 dreamy lens on my phone down my local park this afternoon. I have to say, I am quite pleased with the results :)

The local Pet Cemetary

Berserk! Continuing work on Chapter One

An evening in the garden

The first nice evening of the year 2019 fell on Good Friday. This was the first chance for neighbours to spend an evening out in their gardens playing and having bbqs. The evening sunshine was soft and warm, the air thick with the scent bbq smoke. This audio recording was made from my own back garden and picks up the ambience of neighbours just enjoying being out in the gardens. Good Friday 2019 was a good one :)

Berserk! Continuing Chapter One.

Pushing onward with Chapter One, detailing the characters and their mission:

Pixie-Led ~ a devilish tale of smoke and mirrors

Well here it is - Pixie-Led ~ a devilish tale of smoke and mirrors. After all the hard work I have put into this over the past 10 month, it is a wonderful feeling seeing the finalised physical book in all its glory :) 

Storyboarding - Chapter One of Berserk!

I wish I could draw! lol

Dawn Chorus

The rewards of rising early at this time of year are immense!


So excited to start work on my next novella , I began
writing it on the work's coach home this evening
With my fourth novella, Pixie-Led, now published and available to buy, I started writing Chapter One of my fifth novella, Berserk!, this evening. I have been musing on this new book for the last month or so but its strange how my story plots only ever truly take shape when I put pen to paper and actually start writing the story itself. After a month of basic note-taking and research, the denouement of my next book came to me like a bolt out of the blue within a few minutes of writing the very first paragraph of it. I have to admit that I am getting pretty excited by this tale, even though it is still in its infancy. I won't go into too much detail at the moment, but the story, whilst still the same as the basic plot I outlined here, has now developed a dark Viking theme too.

Pixie-Led is Published! :o)

I have spent so much time with the characters in this book it feels quite sad saying farewell to them and sending them out to make new friends. Here it is though, finally out of my hands and out in the world. I hope you like it :)

Buy Pixie-Led here.

It is now time to find some new characters to work with...


With Pixie-Led off to the publishers, I am already knee-deep in research for my next novel:

Lore ~ a fishy tale of maritime folklore. Promo

The second of my book video promos, this one of for Lore ~ a fishy tale of maritime folklore:


Pixie-Led has now been sent off for publication...

Light on Water

Light on Water