Knock Knock



Taking the Office into the Garden

Far later than usual. Taking the office out into the garden for the first time in 2021. Summer weather at last!

Shadow Me #7

Me on Swansea Bay



Shadow Me #6

 Me at Whiteford, Gower:


Shadow Me #5

Me, Brecon.


Tales From The Crypt

Look what arrived in the post for me this morning :) I have been wanting to read these stories since I was a kid.



 Creating some illustrations for the book of old Gower ghost stories I am working on.

On I plough...

Sometimes navigating a pen across a piece of paper feels like dragging an anchor through a rainforest. But, with just 94 days left to put this beast to bed, on I plough...


Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)

Look what greeted me on a grim and gloomy morning today :)


Pet Cemetary

 What a lovely walk through the pet cemetery and bluebell woods 😎😎



ShadowMe #2



The Walking Dead by Guy N Smith

 Today, I finally finished reading Guy N Smith's The Walking Dead. Sadly, this highly prolific writer passed away on Christmas Eve 2020, having contracted Covid during the UK's second wave of the virus. He has left behind a rich catalogue of over 70 horror novels. Unfortunately this particular title, a sequel to his classic of the genre, The Sucking Pit, was not one of his finer works.