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Down in the Dump

 Wednesday, 20 March, 2024

"I'm beginning to feel like I live down the rubbish tip.

I know I promised to stop taking pics of gloves, lol, but I couldn't resist snapping these. I don't think that this particular pair were lost tho - just waiting for action:

I twinged my back today getting things out of the house and down the dump. North Gower didn't disappoint and the caravan park we are staying at gets some to temper my aches and pains:

Our Garden Fox is Getting Brave

 Tuesday, 05 May, 2024

Ramshorn Water Snails Nano Tank

I recently set up a nano rams-horn snail aquarium from an old jar, a couple of moss balls and some green sea glass I have gathered over the years during my numerous beachcombs. The snails seem to have settled in well, and they have been feeding off the debris among the old moss, and the tank should become a self-care environment. They self-regulate their egg-laying depending on how well they are dining, so it should be easy to tell whether I need to add a few flakes of fish food to the jar...


Cardiff Weekend: Day 1

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Roath Park:

View from IKEA Window:

Garden Centre Pumpkin Patch

Wenalt Forest:

Penarth Views:

Shaking off a dream...

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Had to go for a walk in the misty woods this morning to shake off a dream...

It's Spider Season!

September 03, 2023

It's spider season in our garden at the moment. Can't move for them!

The Day I Met Meowth

Friday, August 4, 2023

Spent the morning doing a little writing before everyone else woke up, then took a chilled stroll along the Thames near our home for the weekend, in a most beautiful part of London, Mosely.

We all took a nice stroll through Bushy Park in the afternoon. The place was full of parakeets, squirrels, rabbits, trout and Red Deer. Heaven on Earth.

I kind of held my nerve for longer than I should have for the following video. Looking back, I kinda wish I had held it a while longer, but better safe than sorry.

I even got to tickle a trout!

 All in all, a great day outdoors :) I even bumped into this character!

Meowth's fur was softer than I had imagined

Whilst I have a strong dislike of London (it's way too busy and polluted), I think I could live in Mosely quite happily.

Jumping out of my skin!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

When you stumble into the bathroom without your glasses and jump out of your skin when you see a huge dead spider - only to then find out it's just a hair grip lol!