Putting off writing by taking photographs of my writing. Again.


Cracking On With Gobble

Cracking on with my vegan folk horror Christmas tale ~ Gobble.


Hangman's Cross and Beggar's Pit

Working out where the hell I need to go...

Thank god for grid refs

My Destination for the final day's
shoot for Gower Ghosts

Hangman's Cross,from Graves Lane, Cold Comfort, Gower

The not easily negotiable footpath to the supposedly haunted Beggar's Pit

Beggar's Pit. Burial site of hanged felons and plague victims

Beggar's Pit

Beggar's Pit

Gower Ghosts

Writing for my guidebook on Gower ghost stories has now been completed. As has the book cover design :)

Daughter of Darkness

I have been wanting to reread one of my favourite books for while now. Unfortunately, when I opened my old paperback copy of the novel I realised immediately that it would not survive the task. So now I am now the proud owner of the UK 1st edition hardcover copy of the book. I managed to snag a copy from Abebooks and paid only a few pennies over a fiver for the book. I must admit though, that I do find the American paperback edition has the better cover art:

Old Gower Ghost Stories: T-40 Days!

With just 40 days work remaining, I still seem to have one hell of a lot of work to do!