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"I'm happy. Hope you're happy too."

Sunday, February 19, 2024

Work on Cold Comfort has progressed nicely over the past few days and I am firmly on track to getting the end of my final edit completed before the close of the week. We'll, kind of. As I have already noted, this is both my 8th and 1st novel, it's infant draft being completed over 25 years ago before being stuffed in a drawer and half forgotten about. Unfortunately, over that time, and enduring no less than 4 house moves, Chapters 1 and two of the book have vanished. Wanting to keep to my deadline of getting the beast published by the end of March, that will give me 5 or so weeks to search all my old files that have been aphazardly stored on recordable CDs over the years. My wife bought me CD drive last Christmas for the unenviable task. I only hope the search for the missing chapters will prove worthwhile as I REALLY do not look forward to rewriting them. Please, wish me luck.

The Man who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis

Friday, December 29, 2023

Had a lovely delivery this morning - a first edition The Man Who Fell to Earth. This will fit in snugly with my David Bowie cover version of the same novel - the only novel to ever bring a tear to my eye.