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Ain't got the cash? You can swap for my stash! 

The following items can all be bartered for a Guy N Smith item that I do not possess. I am always happy to add to my collection 

Constructucted for the Lego feature in my Guy N Smith zone, these Lego kits are unique. 

The Thirst diorama portrays both the diatresses woman featured on the cover of the novel, and also the truck driver who crashes into a reservoir. In a transparent section displaying the submerged tanker the toxic weedkiller can be seen spilling from the tanker:

This diorama features scenes from various Guy N Smith novels, including The Dark One, The Man in the Black Fedorah, Bats our of Hell and The Cadaver:

The following is a smaller Lego kit featuring the the living dead pilot from the cover of Doomflight, along with his aircraft and the rising dead figure featured on the cover of The Woods:

The following piece is more complicated and features Alligators, Werewolf by Moonlight, The Slime Beast and The Walking Dead:

The following is a large GNS diorama. I will leave it to you to guess how many of Guy's stories are featured in this set: 

And the final set is this - featuring the troubled guy on the cover of The Camp & The Sucking Pit. The kit includes a polymer clay blanket created by yours truly:

These sets will arrive deconstructed and with no instructions. But the photos of the final products are here for you to download and keep to help guide you. After all, it's the building that is the fun part of Lego! Whilst all these sets will be sent to the best of my ability, they are Lego pieces, so they may need some reconstruction when they arrive. They are Lego, so it's sure to be fun!

The complete box of Lego to create and keep all the above Guy N Smith inspired set pieces can be yours for £350. Or, I am willing to trade for rare GNS merchandise should you prefer

Contact me via Facebook, if you would like these sets.