My writing spot for the day

Making the most of being on lockdown by seating myself here to do a bit writing today. I must say, however, it seems decidedly strange writing a Christmas ghost story in the glorious hot sunshine.

A Time to Chill

Cracking On With Draft 3

Pens at the ready...


A Short Gardening Break #9

Hopefully, this will be the last of my short gardening break interlude pics for a while as, after just over two weeks of being treated for acute anxiety, I am beginning to feel more like my old self again. I will get the second draft of my Christmas ghost story out tomorrow and try to do at least a little work on it. Fingers crossed.

For now though, here is a picture I took of my tortoise enjoying the garden yesterday...

A Short Gardening Break #7

I am feeling a little brighter this morning so hopefully, my shortening gardening break will soon give way to some serious writing. Fingers crossed...

A Short Gardening Break #6

I love my shed door knocker :)

A Short Gardening Break #4

My head is still well and truly locked in the shed at the moment as I struggle with my new anti-anxiety meds. And so on I continue with some more pics from my garden:

A Short Gardening Break #2

A few more pics of my garden whilst I take a necessary break from writing:

A Short Gardening Break #1

I have had to take a (hopefully) short break from writing as I get used to the anti-anxiety medication I have starting taking. In the meantime, I will (again hopefully) entertain you with some images from my garden - starting with this little fellow:

A Welsh Poppy

A Welsh poppy soaking up the Welsh sunshine in my garden:

Solstice ~ 3/4 Way Through Draught 2

Hand i̶n̶ Glove 2?

With so many of these gloves being discarded on the streets during lock-down, I am giving serious thought to producing a sequel to Sweyne's Eye ~ (Hand i̶n̶ Glove)

My First Lock-down Walk

I went on my first lock-down walk this afternoon, taking a quick meander through my local woods. This was my first walk in over six weeks! The walk from my front door, through the woods, and back home again lasted all of 15 minutes. But it was worth every second :)

My New Read

This arrived in the post yesterday, and I am already caught in its spell. Thanks @Waterstones and @arobertwebb

Sweyne's Eye - Hulls

A couple of close-ups of some boat hulls that line the western strand of Swansea Bay: These pics are published in this issue os Sweyne's Eye.

Sweyne's Eye - Door Paint

I loved the paintwork on this old shed door. This set of pictures, which I shot about a mile from my home, features in this issue of Swyne's Eye.

Sweyne's Eye - Wandering Pwscat

This photograph of a wandering pwscat on a hill overlooking Swansea is featured in this issue of Sweyne's Eye.

Sweyne's Eye - Oystermouth Castle

As I crack on with the second draft of my Christmas ghost story, I thought I would spend the next few posts here on Pixie-Led sharing some images from my latest photography zines.  This trio of images of Oystermouth Castle can be found in this particular issue of this particular issue of Sweyen's Eye.