The Dryad - a solstice story

I spent this morning continuing my work on the cover of my next book :)


Solstice Stories - The Dryad Cover Design

Coming soon - my first in a series of 4 connected Christmas ghost stories... Started working on the cover design tonight - here's my initial effort:

Solstice ~ Story 2

The second tale of my portmanteau Christmas ghost story is coming along nicely now. The two protagonists are now heading out into the words to kickstart their evening of fun...


Progressing Nicely

Progressing nicely with my next novel now 🙂


Evening Sky

Last night's sky was pretty cool.


Solstice ~ Story 1 Illustration

Illustrations for my new Christmas ghost story - the first of four such tales I am working on. All 4 stories revolve around the same Christmas tree over the same few nights between Mid-Winter Solstice and Christmas Day...



 Time to work on my second Christmas ghost story...

Jade - Hummel's Sunset

I do love this variety of Jade (Crassula ova). It is called Hummel's Sunset. Look at those colours :)

Summer Reading

80s pulp horror at its best 😊

T - 2

Making the most of my last two days before I return to work by spending them in the garden. I am so happy the sun is shining 😎

T - 3: Bees in Our Garden Today

I am so pleased that the sun will be shining for the three remaining days of my pandemic lockdown :)

(Curious sundog in the afternoon sky. The bee is in the bottom right corner)


Torture Garden

Continuing my run of watching portmanteau horror films of late (without a doubt my favourite movie genre), I watched Torture Garden today. It's a lovely little film, with the first story, about a greedy playboy wanting to get his hands on a horde of witch's gold he thinks his uncle has discovered, easily being easily my favourite stand out tale in the collection :) 

Writer's Block!

Despite her best efforts to hinder my progress, tale one of my portmanteau Christmas ghost story is now complete :)

T - 6 - Nearly There

I am Nearly there. I just have the last scene of my 1st Christmas ghost story to work on now...

T - 7

I am absolutely determined to finish the first tale of my portmanteau novel before I return to my office job next week... 

Sweynes Eye - Issue 12

Issue 12 of my photography zine Sweyne's Eye has now been published:)

T - 8 Days

Listening to The Carpenters as I work on my next book 🙂

T - 9 Days

I have just nine days left of my pandemic lockdown before I return to work :o/ 

Determined to make the most of this time, today I finally managed to completed the latest Sweyne's Eye photography zine. It should be hopefully be published sometime over the next few days :)