Monday 31 October 2022

Guy N Smith Bibliography/Book Reviews Announcement

Announcing a work-in-progress - a Guy N Smith appreciation page. 

Anyone who has taken even the most cursory glance at this blog, or my other social media outlets, will already be aware I have set myself a reading challenge this year. My mission? To read as many Guy N Smith books as possible during 2023. When I first set myself this goal, I'd set myself the target of maybe eight to ten GNS books to read over the year.  But I have already read eight GNS books, and it is not yet the close of March! Goodness knows how many titles I can get through by December 2023, but I will try my best to make it as decent a final count as I am able.

As well as reading as many GNS books as I can this year, I am also making the most of this time by building up a nice collection of GNS books, including some of the writer's original hand-written manuscripts! I am also using any headwind I gain in my other creative commitments to work on a guide to Guy N Smith's horror output, including a photographic bibliography and reviews. This page will be a continuing work-in-progress, as despite being an avid collector, I will rely on my copies of Guy's books to illustrate the bibliography.  Given the number and price of some of Guy's books, I will be in no position to purchase, read, let alone review, his entire impressive output any time soon.

Still, I hope this little side project will provide an exciting resource for fans and neophyte GNS readers alike. Remember, the Guy N Smith page will be continuously updated, especially during 2023. With Guy's estate planning to republish his work and bring his official website back into service soon, there should be big news on the GNS on its way! So pop on over and take a gander at my growing GNS resource. And get in touch if you have any feedback and/or advice or can offer in the progression of this service.