Crawley Art

June 17, 2017

Given that my first novel is, at heart, an adult faery tale, I felt that the book needed at least one drawing on its inside pages. After all, what kind of faery story does not have at least one illustration within its covers? I also wanted to give the story a sense of antiquity so felt that the image should at least give the impression of an olde worlde woodcut. Unfortunately, I am not a particularly adroit artist, to say the least, and so drawing the sketch I needed was out of the question.  Fortunately, however, I am in possession of a rather cool lamp that has a very particular quality about it - when direct sunlight hits it from across the room, the metallic tree shapes that surround its shade produces a pretty stunning reflection of an ancient tree upon the living-room wall.

Reflection from my living-room lamp

Unable to draw this reflection, I decided to take a photograph of it instead and see if I could make something useful out of it in Photoshop.

Wall reflection
Wanting the image to look menacing, I was forced to add a tiny drawing of a silhouetted figure among the branches of the tree. Hopefully my poor drawing skills will be hidden slightly by the tiny nature of the figure.

1st photoshopped version of reflection

2nd Photoshopped version of reflection, with drawn-in figure

I was quite pleased with the resulting picture as it appeared in the finished book:

I enjoyed the process of producing this image and am already looking forward to producing a suitable image for my second novel...