Crawley Cover Art

June 18, 2017

I took this photograph of my shadow on the garden wall to use for the cover of Crawley.

My shadow on the garden wall

I thought the shadow held a certain strangeness to it, which I accentuated by ruffling up my hair and angling the shadow of my hand and fingers to make to make them look as crooked as possible. Using a few basic functions on Photoshop, I then came up with the following finished cover for the book. I added the green hue to give the picture a more woodland feel and made the shadow longer and thinner to better characterise the protagonist of the story.

The book is ready now to upload to Amazon and wait for it to be finally published. It took me so long to write this short novel that I publish it with a sigh of relief, lightened by finally being able to leave this character's side and walk away to ventures new...