Crawley - New 2nd Printing Design

July 30, 2017

Before I get more entrenched in the writing of my next novel, I really wanted to put my first novel, Crawley, behind me so I could finally get the story and its characters out of my head. And so, over the past few evenings, I have put a bit of work into the one bug bear I had about my first book - its cover design.

I tried three new designs, all based on a more woodland theme and using a trio of images I had taken from a nearby pine woodland.

Whilst being more than happy with the all of three new designs I came up with, I finally settled on using this third image, which I felt had more of a daunting atmosphere about it:

The original photo used for the final design of Crawley ~ an adult faery tale
And here is the finished thing:

The new cover gives more of an emphasis to the forest, rather than to Frank Crawley himself. I hope it illustrates the otherworldliness of the forest in the book and that the cover is more suggestive of menace than the former picture. Anyway, the new design has been uploaded and is now the official cover of Crawley ~ an adult faery tale. If you haven't read it, please give and try. And if you like it, please leave a nice friendly review over on Amazon for me. Thanks :)

There, now that is done, I can crack on with my new writing project and give it all the attention it needs and hopefully deserves...