Lore Begins...

Holidaying in a remote region of the Isle of Skye, overlooking the sea. No internet, mobile phone or even a TV signal for a week! Lovely to be able to switch off from the world and just chill though. Also, this lack of modern distractions can make for a very creative experience.
Conjuring up fresh ideas for a new novel at Greshornish, Skye
There is something very hypnotic about the sea. Watching its waters stirs the imagination. And with a window seat with a view as magnificent as this, you can bet I spent a good few hours just watching the waves and wildlife that lived here:

My window view for a whole week :)
Whilst I already had an idea for a short story about a merman planned out, having so much free time to just sit and ponder, I fleshed out and expanded upon that tale and soon had the beginnings of a full length novel concocted in my head.