Thursday 7 March 2019

The Cuillin Mountains, Skye

Our penultimate day on Skye :) Time, we thought, to head out to the Cuillin mountains :)

En route, flying high over the sea loch at Carbost, I got the chance to photograph this mighty birdy of prey - a White-tailed Sea Eagle!

A White-tailed Sea Eagle

White-tailed Sea Eagle

Probably my best shot of the White-tailed Sea Eagle

The wing-span of the White-tailed Sea Eagle is massive
The Cuillin Mountains are a magnificent mountain range located in the south-west of the Isle of Skye. Its natural beauty led to the range being designated as a National Scenic Area.

The road to the Cuillin Mountains

A rainy day at the Cuillin Mountains
The weather today, as it has been all week during our holiday in Skye, was ridiculously changeable, as you can see from these photographs. We often found ourselves in the midst of a torrential downpour one moment, only for the skies to clear a few minutes later. With this in mind, and with our energy levels running low, today was very much a day to drive around and just take in the spectacular scenery.

The Snow-topped Cuillin Mountains

Gushing waterfall at the foot of the Cuillin Mountains