The Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

For our first outing on the Isle of Skye, we headed out to the remarkable Fairy Glen, located on the Trotternish Peninsula, near Uig.

This is a unique and remarkable place, abrim with grassy conical hills, rounded hillocks, gurgling streams, lochans, spirals carved into the landscape and a craggy outcrop that appears to all like the ruins of an ancient castle. It really is a wondrous magical place to explore.

The magickal Fairy Glen, near Uig

'Castle Ewen', viewed from the nearby lochan

There is little in the way of legends or folklore attached to the Fairy Glen, but its very appearance entrances the soul and makes all who visit the place believe that this must be home to the fairy folk.

The Fairy Glen was formed from a Jurassic landslide and appears very much like a mini version of Skye's other magical-looking landscape, The Quiraing. Along with The Quiraing, it is an enchanting place to wander and lose yourself in fanciful thinking.

And like The Quiraing, if you ever get the opportunity to pay a visit to Skye, make sure that you spend at least a little time in this little geological wonderland.

Sheep bones, The Fairy Glen