The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

This has got to be my favourite place in the world - the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye:

Yours truly walking The Quiraing

Of all the sacred and beautiful places I have visited, none have captured my imagination more than the Quiraing. Located on the north-east slopes on the island's Trotternish Peninsula, this magnificent landscape is the result of a massive Jurassic landslide!

Whilst much of the Quiraing has now settled, parts of the land here is still on the move at a rate of nearly 3cm a year. The A855 road beneath it needs regular repair work as a result of this continued activity.

The Quiraing takes its name from the old Norse 'Kvi Rand', meaning 'Round Fold' and it is believed that farmers used to hide their cattle amongst the dips and valleys here during Viking attacks of the island. 

In such surroundings, it comes as no surprise that this is believed to be the meeting place for the fae.

Dragons, too, are said to fly over this land, resting on the mighty crags that decorate The Quiraing like Tolkienesque mountains.

On my walk through The Quiraing I saw neither fae nor dragon, but I did see this standoff between a large Buzzard and a sheep at the summit of the above crag!

The magickal sights to be had in The Quiraing have been used to great effect in many movies, including Stardust, Macbeth, The Land That Time Forgot, The BFG, 47 Ronin and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Walking The Quiraing is a real pleasure and the route has lots of places to stop and chill and just take in the breathtaking land about you.

Whilst the walk is not too energetic, there are a couple of spots to be mindful of, with some sheer drops to the edge of the path. 

All that is required here, however, is to concentrate on the path ahead and not be distracted by the sheer beauty about and around you, and you will be fine.

Skye is, without doubt, the jewel in the crown, of Scotland. And The Quiraing is the finest jewel set in that crown! If you are thinking of paying this area a visit, trust me, you will not be disappointed :)