A Blackbird and a 450 Year Old Horse Chestnut Tree

I fell in love with this old chestnut tree whilst staying in our Norfolk yurt last week. It repeatedly drew my attention and got me exploring it on numerous occasions. If ever there was an enchanted tree, then this was most definitely it!

Sunrise at the 450 Year Old Chestnut Tree

Sunset at the 450 Year Old Chestnut Tree (pictured on the left)
I also fell in love with a characterful Blackbird that was nesting in this tree. He really was a bit of a chatterbox.Unfortunately, I did not manage to photograph him but you can hear his dawn chorus call here and in the clip below you can hear the slightly different call he made each evening:

The Blackbird's evening call was apparently made to deter other Blackbirds from entering and roosting in its territory. This magickal tree was its domain and he was intent on keeping it that way! :)