Thursday 20 June 2019

Elveden Forest, Norfolk

Elveden Forest

Elveden Forest is believed to be alive with faery magic. Passing the forest on my way home from my holiday weekend in Norfolk, I could not help myself but stop off here to stretch my legs a little, despite my recent back injury. I was unable to walk very far into its magickal terrain, but I hope I captured a sense of its beauty and enchantment in the few photographs I took of the forest.

Sunshine Seeping Through The Leafy Boughs Of Elveden Forest

There have been numerous reports in Elveden Forest of faeries luring travellers away from their paths and into the faery realm. Beguiling music, the tinkling of bells and strange ethereal laughter have all been reported beneath the boughs of this magnificent forest. Such is the strength of this faery folklore that the forest even takes its name from these strange, alluring tales:  Elveden - literally the den of elves. 

Be Careful Not To Be Pixie-Led in Elveden Forest