To celebrate this year's Summer Solstice, I am going to post some of my older photographs, which celebrate the beauty of the flowers I have grown over the years. I will start the ball rolling with Hollyhocks:

Hollyhocks growing in my old garden a good few years ago

Hollyhocks have been used and admired by Pagans throughout history. Remains of the plant have even been found in 50,000 year old graves. Medicinally, the roots of Hollyhocks have been used to help clear chest infections, to stop bleeding and incontinence and to prevent miscarriages. In Victorian times, the pretty blooms were said to worn by fairies as skirts. Eating a mix of Hollyhocks, Marigolds, Thyme and Hazel, was also said to induce visions of the Faery Folk. The ripe seedpods of Hollyhocks have been used magickally to attract wealth to its owner and were grown in gardens as goodluck charm for the family.