Horsey Wind Pump, Norfolk

On our way to Horsey Gap the other day we stopped off at this impressive building - Horsey Wind Pump.

Horsey Wind Pump is a drainage windmill situated on the Norfolk Broads. It is a Grade II listed building. Its current structure was built in 1912 and the construction was carried out on the site of the original 18th century Horsey Black Mill. It was designed to drain water from the surrounding land that that it could better be used for farming. The windpump remained in working order until 1943, when it was struck by lightning. The National Trust is currently managed by The National Trust.

Horsey Wind Pump

The building is said to be haunted by the sounds of playing children who drowned in the nearby waters and the fact that the wind pump leans to the west is explained by a lovely piece of folklore.

Horsey Wind Pump

A man, desperate to own some of the land adjacent to the wind pump, wagered his soul to the devil in a rowing race along the nearby waters. The Devil easily won the competition but the fearful loser raced from his boat where he took refuge in the wind pump, bolting the door closed behind him. The Devil, furious at the man welshing on his bed, beat and pounded and pushed at the wind pump for the entire day and night before finally giving up and moving on in search of other souls. When the terrified man left the wind pump the following morning, he saw the building now leaned curiously away from the front door.