Thursday 4 July 2019

A Smile In The Sky

Although most of my creative writing is set amongst woodland habitats, my favourite environment by far is the coastline.  (I have, in fact, written one novella that is based on the sea and that particular book, Lore, was the most enjoyable of my books to write.) I find a real spiritual need to be near the sea and would find myself unhappy if I had to live more than a moderate walk's distance from a beach. There is something uniquely invigorating, both physically and mentally, about the sight of a vast seascape, the sound of roaring waves and the scent of salt laden. I find my senses expand when at the seaside and my thoughts broaden creatively. Visiting a beach lifts the spirit and can reset a mood that is starting to dip.

And so it was this evening when, despite the physical tiredness of having just completed a full day's work, I felt the call of the and headed down to the nearby coast for a picnic with my wife.

The sun was still shining and warm when we arrived a little after 7p.m., the breeze just a gentle stirring of air, and we found ourselves a lovely quiet little spot on the clifftop overlooking the sea. The birds sang excitedly abound us and the sound of the rolling waves. some fair distance beneath us, was gentle and edifying. I was looking forward to sitting back, taking in the surroundings and generally mellowing out as I watched the sea hopefully for a rare sighting of a dolphin or two. 

Not quite as tasty as it looks. Expected a lot more fizz despite its warning
A nice spot to sit and chill and watch the setting sun

But, just as I lowered myself to the ground to settle for the next hour or so, I noticed something in the sky I had never seen before in my fifty-three years of life - an upside down rainbow! From that moment, the coast became a background ambience to the spectacle in the sky above us.

A circumzenithal arc

This upside down rainbow, a smile in the sky, was quite startling to the eye, especially as I was not even aware of the existence of such thing. The technical name for them, I discovered after a quick Google search, are
Circumzenithal arcs and they are formed by the presence ice crystals in the clouds. They are especially prevalent when Sundogs are also on display, as indeed they were this evening 😊

Sundogs framing the setting sun

It was a beautiful evening, spent in the best of company, nourishment for the soul. And, already, I can feel the call of the sea stirring in blood again...