Saturday 3 August 2019

Stephen King ~ Thinner/Misery

I finished reading Stephen King's 'Thinner' yesterday. I saw the book in a charity sale and was drawn to it by its atmospheric cover:

My tatty second-hand copy of Stephen King's 'Thinner'
Whilst the book was a decent read, I have to admit to being disappointed that the scene depicted on the cover never actually occurred in the novel! Don't you just hate it when book covers deceive the reader like that?

Artwork on Stephen King's 'Thinner' book.
This scene never actually occurred in the book!
I have a lot of books waiting patiently for my attention, but this one called the loudest this morning when I went to choose my next big read.

I have only read a handful of Stephen King books - Carrie, Salem's Lot, The Shining, On Writing and now Thinner. I am not the author's greatest fan (I find he pads out his stories to the nth degree) but I have always enjoyed the tales he writes. I am hoping for some great chills in the weeks ahead with this particular book :)