Twilight Zone

I was given a lottery ticket as a Christmas present a few weeks backs. This was the first time I had participated in the National Lottery for well over ten years and I held next to zero hope of actually winning anything with it. But hey-ho, I only went and won £116 with it :) 

After sharing the prize money with the purchaser of the said ticket (who happened to be my lovely wife), I was left with nearly £60 to play with. It took me nearly three whole weeks to decide what to spend my loot on, but ultimately decided to buy this amazing set of Blu-rays, which features every single episode of the old classic Twilight Zone series :) I also picked up a copy of the amazingly detailed book The Twilight Zone companion, to help me along with my viewing, which I found on eBay at a ridiculously cheap price:

As ever, my 'little' pwscat wants in on my photograph

I am going to really enjoy getting stuck into the gems, but with over 177 hours of entertainment to make my way through, it may take me some time...