Monday 10 February 2020

Sweyne's Eye ~ Hand ̶i̶n̶ Glove (1)

To celebrate the publication of my first photo-book, Sweyne's Eye ~ Hand  ̶i̶n̶  Glove, I will be sharing some of my images from the new zine here on Pixie-Led

Sweyne’s Eye is my new Swansea zine, which is designed to act as a window to my various photographic projects exploring my local neighbourhood.

I have devoted the inaugural issue of this new zine to a series of images I captured back in 2015. That year, encouraged by my recent purchase of an activity tracker (Fitbit) and my involvement in a location-based augmented-reality game (Ingress), I found myself actively pounding the streets of Swansea. as I chased an ever-increasing step-count. During my perambulations, I was shocked at just how much clothing I saw discarded around the city. Curious at the sheer scale of their number and the diversity of the abandoned items, I took to photographing the forsaken clothing, collecting hundreds of images of them throughout the year.

As I continued the photographic project, however, one particular item of clothing began to particularly intrigue me, and I started concentrating my image-making solely on the dropped gloves I happened upon during my walks. The gloves appeared forlorn and disquieting in the landscape and suggested moods and concepts richer than those connoted by the other dishevelled clothing I had photographed.

Sweyne's Eye ~ Hand  ̶i̶n̶  Glove collects for your perusal 60 photographs of deserted, stray and feral gloves, all photographed throughout 2015 in and around the City of Swansea. The zine also includes a few of the early images I took for the series, including shots of trainers hanging from street telephone wires and a jester's hat washed up on Swansea Bay. I hope you enjoy and help support my new project. And I look forward to sharing further images with you in the second issue of this new Swansea zine very soon...

Anyway, here is the first image I would like to share here from the book. Look out for some more over the next few days...

Image taken from the new zine Sweyne's Eye ~ Hand  ̶i̶n̶  Glove