Thursday 23 July 2020

Gifts From My Daughter

I received a parcel in the post this morning from my lovely daughter - a fairies/gnomes waymarker and a gnome :) They have already found a home amongst my plants :)

The magickal waymarker looks very fitting amongst the branches of my oldest Crassula ovata plant. The little pixie in the background is resting atop the stump left when I made a cutting of the plant for my daughter when she left home a couple of years ago. The plant is of sentimental significance as I grew it from a single leaf cutting taken when my daughter was born 25 years ago.

Pixie resting on the stump left from a  large cutting
I took a couple of years back 

My daughter's Crassula ova plant, grown from the
cutting taken from the mother plant
The gnome, too, seems happy sat amongst the leaves of another of my favourite house plants :)