Sunday 27 March 2022

Current Reading...

 I am currently reading two books. One is the graphic novel Maus, which is particularly grim reading. Given the state of the planet at the moment, I can't see a better time for the world to read this book and perhaps stop history repeat itself:

The second book is by the enigmatic author Eric Ericson. I have enjoyed his earlier novels, The Sorcerer (excellent) and The Woman Who Slept With Demons (a good read). I am only a couple of chapters into The Master of the Temple but, judging by its fascinating introduction, I think I am going to enjoy this book.

On the subject of Eric Ericson, he appears to be a very elusive author. I, and many other readers have tried to find some info on the writer. So far, we have all been unsuccessful.  If anyone reading this has any info, please get in touch and let me know. Thanks.