Wednesday 4 May 2022

Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine

May 04, 2022

Probably the best bench in Glastonbury

"Whenever my mind turns to Glastonbury, I always remember the times I spent there atop Wearyall Hill. Once I spent hours on its summit in the freezing snow of a Winter’s solstice, having mistimed the sunrise! Sat there in the complete darkness, I still remember the chill and the shuffling and munching noises of the local sheep, made mysterious in the blackness of the night, who came to keep me company. It was as though it had happened only yesterday..."

- snippet from the upcoming issue 1 of Avalon -The Glastonbury zine

Despite the nagging of The Soosh,  I managed to get the new Avalon zine website up and running today :) 

I have also sorted the imagery that will accompany the article I am writing for the physical Avalon zine, some of which you can see below:

I like the images above as I think they illustrate the stark polarities that characterise the human condition. In this instance, people who go out of their way to wantonly kill something as innocent as a tree and those who cherished and actually loved the now sadly demised Glastonbury Thorn. I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity of both witnessing and recording the ceremony. Sadly, even the trunk of the tree has now been removed from the hill :(

Anyway, I think that's enough work done for today...