Thursday 12 May 2022

Remnants of War

June 26, 2022

I had x4 books planned for publishing in 2022:

* A third book in my series of Gower guides

With the first three books now written, produced and available for sale, I can now introduce the final project I want to be completed and published by the close of this year:

I have a good five months to get this book sorted, so hopefully, I can pull something special together in this next book 🙂

Yours truly among the rubble of a WW2 pill box, Gower

As part of this 5-month project, I will be revamping my old website. This will include bringing my old Gower guidebooks under the umbrella of Explore Gower and I have already redesigned the cover of The Verry Volk and Gower Ghosts to evidence that:

So, as well as keeping an eye on, please remember to keep an eye on as there will be lots happening on there...