Resolutions Start Slowly

Friday, January 06, 2023

One week into the New Year, and my reading schedule is my only resolution going to plan. I have watched a lot less TV in the evenings, instead devoting this time to ploughing through the Guy N Smith novel Doomflight.

Healthwise, 2023 has not been too kind and I am now back on antibiotics to help reduce my skin inflammation, which is making my mobility an issue. This has obviously affected my goal of getting more exercise and reducing my weight - although I have cut back on my on snacking too heavily. I will continue to monitor my food/drink intake, I don't envision my health improving in that time so a new exercise regime may have to wait a while longer.

My Explore Gower fb page is up and running, though I need to increase its popularity. 

I have a week away from my day job now as the union there has called a five-day strike for my department. I hope to use this time to get two further chapters of Cold Comfort sorted in second draft format and to start reading my second Guy N Smith novel of the year - the title of which I am still undecided upon.