Thursday 4 August 2022

Burning the candles at both ends

October 24/25, 2022
Well, who would have thought it? Not me, for one. Yet here I am, working on a vampire novel!

The plot and main characters just sparked in my head the other night in the kind of clarity that my muse has been shy of delivering this past year. I received it's suggestion with earnest thanks and have made it my duty as I writer to crack on with translating these flashes of storylines into words on a page.

I'm tired now, but before I go, I thought I would use the opportunity offered by this post to communicate my publishing plans for the year ahead. I have nothing at the moment we close to publication but I do plan to release three completed books over the course of 2023. 

The first to reach the Amazon shop will be this vampire novel I am currently working on. This will be followed, sometime in late Spring by my local history book detailing the WW2 structures still visible on the Gower peninsula. My final publication, The Curious Adventures of Mister Pyewacket should reach the light of day by late 2023, after which I really have no idea what I will be working on.
But, as usual, watch this space and I am sure these will be detailed at the earliest opportunity...